Creating a Persona and User Journey Map

Advanced Challenges

Learning outcomes

  • Why it is important to understand the user before hand

  • How to understand the user and their workflow

  • How to create a persona

  • How to create the user journey map



The first step to the UX Designing process is researching around the potential user and getting a better understanding about their current user flow. Because having a better understanding about the user is one success factor in designing an accurate solution. Once we do adequate user research around our potential users, US Designers use Persona and User Journey Map as methods to present their findings about users to the team.


Challenge Description:


Imagine that you have been given the task to design a single-page charity website. Under this challenge you are expected to,

  1. List all the potential users of this website

  2. Create a Persona to represent a selected user

  3. Draft the user journey map this particular user


Feel free to use any available format for creating the Persona and the User Journey Map. 


You could start this challenge by walking through the given learning materials and research around available charity websites. 

Also, if you haven’t completed the “Introduction to the UX design industry” challenge yet, recommend completing it before starting with this challenge.

Learning Resources

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Step 1 :

Go through the learning resources given above, 

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Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

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