Databases and SQL Language

Advanced Challenges

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know what is a database

  2. Know how to read, write, update and delete data using SQL

  3. Get inspired by interesting practical examples


The world is full of Data. Every App , Web page , Software uses data. How do they keep these data. For that they keep a database to store the data. So we are going to learn (Structured Query Language) SQL that is the language those apps use to communicate to the database.

The Challenge:

Complete the below course in Khan academy.

Course URL:

Next you have to follow this tutorial. You should use the databases created on this tutorial to derive the answers for the 10 MCQs.

How to complete the challenge:


Please upload a PDF conating all the sql queries you used for the 10 mcqs
You are free to search the Internet to answer the MCQs.


Learning Resources

To Complete, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above, Read "How to Complete the Challenge"section in the above description.  

Step 1 :

Upload the documents below

Click Here

Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

Click Here

Step 3 :