Shell Scripts to Control Your OS

Advanced Challenges

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of the command line

  2. Learn basic functionalities

  3. Do a simple automation on the command line using scripting


The command-line interface (CLI) in Linux (Shell) or Windows (Power Shell) is a powerful interpreter that can be used for dealing with the operating system or run programs you write using a particular scripting language. A shell script (or batch files in windows) can be a simple sequence of various operating system commands to a complex project which will automate a complex task.

Knowledge about scripting can be really useful for anybody who is using computers for their day to day work. As an example, one can develop a shell script to identify all the duplicate files in your hard disk and suggest you to delete them.

Knowledge of scripting is an urgent requirement for any Software engineering job, especially DevOps. DevOps engineers are automating many day-to-day repeated tasks using scripts to save their time.

Materials to Submit

  • Develop a shell script that will show the total, and average of a given array of numbers.

  • Upload the screenshots of the running program with its results and the program in a pdf.

Learning Resources


Getting Familiar

  • In this challenge we expect you to follow the tutorial This tutorial has an online shell provided at the bottom of each section. You should complete all the practicals given on this tutorial.

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