Version Control Your Program

Advanced Challenges

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know what & Why version controlling

  2. Know how to use freely available version controlling systems for day to day work.

  3. Know how to use git as a version controlling system for their projects.


When you write a document as a team, you may want:

  • to track the changes done to the document since the beginning

  • avoid overriding one's change by another one

  • to recover something you have deleted

  • Undo the changes you have made during the last week.

  • Merge a paragraph deleted last month into the current document.


The same need exists in software development. Version controlling systems like "git" are well-known software solutions to solve the above needs. Almost every professional software developer uses one of the version controlling systems. This challenge will help you to learn one of the most common version controlling system called "git".


How to complete the challenge:

Complete the following tutorials. (These are not just for reading. You have to do it on your computer.)


"Tutorial: Git for Absolutely Everyone"

"An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners (Tutorial)"


Now, follow the instructions below on your computer and take screenshots of every step after the execution of the given command.


1. Open the command line

2. Create a folder named "bridge-challenge"

3. Change directory (folder) to the bridge-challenge

4. Create a new git repository

5. Create two text files A.txt and B.txt in the directory

6. Commit these two files to your repository.

7. Add some more content to the A.txt

8. Commit changes to the repository.

Learning Resources

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