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IT & BPM Career Paths

The increasing need for digitisation and automation globally has made the IT industry grow rapidly during the last two decades. IT is an instrumental driver in changing consumer behavior and lifestyles from communication, entertainment, travel and education. IT as an industry has a multitude of business focuses such as computing device and systems design, software solution development, data analysis, research and innovation to name a few.

The BPM industry has enabled organisations to focus on their strengths and core activities and get faster, higher quality services from other specialized professionals to carry out supporting functions such as Finance, Legal, IT, Supply Chain Management etc., at a more affordable manner. This is evident as we see how our own country Sri Lanka has carved a niche for providing specialized Financial & Accounting services globally.













































































































































     Learn more about the different career streams in the IT & BPM Industry below :































































Information Technology Sector Jobs
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BPM Sector Jobs
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