Social Practical Understanding on Growth Mindset and how it will impact your outcomes and performance


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the difference between growth mindset and a fixed mindset

  2. How your life can be impacted if you think with a growth mindset

  3. Putting this learning into your life experiences to improve your attitude and outcomes

  4. English language comprehension and presentation skills

  5. How these mindsets will change you perceive life


While learning all the technical requirements such as how to use a JavaScript, is valuable knowledge, there is also something else that is as important. That is, developing strength and attitude that will support you through getting things done. It will always help you just as much in life. We call this is your Mindset or your Attitude.


What do we mean by your Mindset?

Mindset is a collection of beliefs and thoughts that make up your mental approach towards life situation. Your attitude will impact how you go through life, and how positively you approach different circumstances and situations you are faced with. This Growth mindset challenge will further teach you what it means and how you have grasped the leanings.


What do you need to deliver?

Click on the 'Step 2' link below and go through the 2 scenarios and pick one of it as your assignment.


The assignments cover 2 real life situations you may face in the industry. There is a presentations you should create explaining how would you approach the given situation. You should present the slides in front of a camera (use your mobile phone) and upload the video to your Google drive and share the links with us. We would like to see your presentations slides as well as you on these presentations.

Learning Resources

To Complete the challenge, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above, 

Step 1 :

Read the scenarios and submit the video URL

Click Here

Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

Click Here

Step 3 :