Social Flyer with Graphic Design


Learning Outcomes

  1. Master Gimp Basics

  2. Learn Core Graphic Design Principles

  3. Understand Color Theory

  4. Apply design skills within a social media context

  5. Create a basic flyer using Gimp software


To master design is to be able to shape the world in your image; it gives you the power to influence thought, inspire ideas, and change perspectives. Whatever you choose to design, be it a poster, or a website, or an object opens up a dialogue between you and everyone else who will consume it. A dialogue which you as the designer largely control.

In this challenge, we focus on visually communicating or crafting a message, specifically for social media. Although certain underlying concepts for visual design for posters and fliers are universal, regardless of the medium in which they are published, the medium itself needs to be taken into consideration when you create something. This consideration will bear some weight on the final aesthetic of your design, and will ensure that your visual will be seen in its optimal state for that specific medium.

The social flyer with graphic design challenge explores three areas:

  • the technical aspects of the GIMP tool

  • visual design concepts (which include color theory and poster design)

  • optimizing your design for social media.

We strongly suggest going through all the tutorials provided for each section before attempting to put together something of your own. I've also included additional resources (an always upto date social media image size guide and a color wheel tool) that you can put to use when you start designing. The visual storytelling and graphic design tutorials on skillshare will require you to create an account on their site. Both these tutorials are free of charge.

Once you have gone through all of the tutorials, and completed the MCQs, We would like you to design a flyer communicating an event of your choice, to be posted on Facebook. You can save the file as either a png or a jpeg and submit the file through the link provided on this page. Good luck!

Learning Resources

To Complete, follow these steps :

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Step 1 :

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Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

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