Social Media Video Marketing


Learning Outcomes

  1. Create short, light videos to capture attention in social media

  2. How to tell a brand story with videos on Social Media/ how to make a video for your business

  3. Video Marketing for Engagement

  4. Measuring social media performance


Video can be a great tool for getting the word out about your company, your product or your movement.

The great thing about online engagement is that it facilitates word of mouth marketing. If someone likes, comments, or shares a status you’ve posted to Facebook, retweets you, tags a friend in your Instagram post, or engages with you in some other way, their friends may see it and find out about your offering. 


Videos shared on social platforms should be designed to be eye catchy to grab quick attention within first few seconds. Try telling a story instead of creating a simple ad. And don’t forget to include your branding.

As a fact, Videos on Facebook gets far more reach than any other type of post. Types of video that do well for online engagement include:

  • Short promo videos leading back to longer informative content on your website

  • Videos with emotional appeal and address the heart of the audience

  • Videos that teach viewers something interesting

One of the simplest objectives of an online video marketing strategy is to increase a website’s traffic. Because Google favours links that include video, simply including video on your website (and on YouTube) will boost your search rank. Some popular types of videos to include on your website include:

  • A business/product overviews

  • Customer or Employee testimonial

If you’re just starting out with video creation, don’t be overwhelmed. Think about which of these objectives are most important to you and then start with one or two. As you become more experienced, you can start using video to help you achieve more and more of your objectives.

What you need to Deliver?

  1. Create a video that can be used to promote Future Careers BRIDGE program among youth. This videos should be published on at least one social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

  2. Run a promotion campaign among your friends and social networks to get is the maximum visibility. Here you will demonstrate your capabilities of digital marketing (You DON'T need to run paid promotions)

  3. Submit the social media URL(s) of the video to us at below 'step 2'

  4. Answer the questions at below 'step 3'

Learning Resources

To Complete, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above, 

Step 1 :

Upload the video URLs

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Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

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Step 3 :