Command Line Program with Python

Advanced Challenges

Learning Outcomes

  1. Familiarizing yourself with a real word programing language - python

  2. Installation and use of a programming environment on a computer

  3. Learn to develop command line programs

  4. Getting user inputs, do processing, display outputs to users


Imagine one of your friends is manufacturing glass fish tanks for sale. When she manufactures a fish tank, she has to inform the buyer regarding the water capacity of the tank. Performing a manual calculation of water capacity is a tedious task for her and she asked your help as a software programmer.


To do this calculation, she has asked you to create a program which can calculate the water capacity of a fish tank, given its length, width and height. Once calculated, you should display the capacity to the user.

This is the simple command line software program. We expect you to use Python as the programming language for this assignment. Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. You can install python on your local computer and use a text editor (or IDE) to write this program. 

This might look a complex task at the beginning. Not to worry. You may learn about Python by going through the links provided below. Watch the video below to see how your command line program should work. Feel free to improve on our concept and provide your friend with more features than just displaying water capacity. Happy coding. 

Watch this intro video to get a better understanding:

Learning Resources

Another Python video series:

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 10.14.30

To Complete, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above

Step 1 :

Upload the Python code file below

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Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

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