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Cyber Security Challenges

These Cyber Security advanced challenges will provide you with an overview of the Cyber Security Industry. You will learn and practice using applications & controls to protect systems and data from cyber attacks, how to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protect against the unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies. 
Please complete the challenges in the sequence provided. 

Cyber Security Basics

Cyber Security

You will understand the basics of Cyber Security, learn about the different models of Cyber Security and threats, vulnerabilities, and risks involved in this industry.

Advanced #1

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Risk Management

Cyber Security

Let's learn what Risk Assessment is  and how it is used to deal with threats, vulnerabilities and impacts of loss information 

Advanced #4

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Malware Analysis using Wireshark

Cyber Security

Understand what Malware is and basic use and understanding of the Wireshark tool

Advanced #7

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Introduction to Web Security

Cyber Security

Understand the importance of web application security and what is a Bug Bounty.

Advanced #10


How to Hack Ethically?

Cyber Security

We all are interested in hacking. But is it ethical?

Advanced #2


Let's hack Windows using Tryhackme

Cyber Security

Let's Learn Windows with Tryhackme.

Advanced #5

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Cryptography Basics

Cyber Security

The objective of Cryptography and what it means. Basic understanding of ciphers and the concept of CTF.

Advanced #8


Let's Learn Linux with TryHackme....

Cyber Security

Let's Learn Linux with Tryhackme.

Advanced #3

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Network Traffic Analysis

Cyber Security

Get a basic understanding of how to analyze network traffic. 

Advanced #6

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Information Policy basics

Cyber Security

Understanding the value of an Information security policy and how Information Security standards will help organizations.

Advanced #9