2 quick challenges to getting to know you (1 hour):

Submit your Email and Blog

Take this challenge to submit your already existing email and blog URL and answer simple set of questions.

Fast Track #1

Submit your LinkedIn profile

You may already have an LinkedIn profile. Take this challenge to let us know the details.

Fast Track #2

4 simple challenges to assess soft skills (4 hours):

Growth Mindset

Your attitude is important, it makes a difference in the way people see you at work, and your ability to succeed.

Fast Track #3

Growth Mindset 2

Practical Understanding on Growth Mindset and how that will impact your outcomes and performance

Fast Track #4

English - Comprehension

English is the most widely spoken business language in the wold. Learn why it is important to be fluent in English to reach your aspirations. 

Fast Track #5

English -  Grammar & Vocabulary 

Exercises to improve your grammar and vocabulary. This is important for you to effectively communicate with your international business collegues. 

Fast Track #6

Show your Ninja skills now (2-4 weeks):

How good are you with Social Media?

Can you use a social media channel to create an impactful campaign? Do you understand people dynamics and have the ability to get their attention? 

Fast Track #7

Show us your programming skills

Show-off your skills by developing a fully functioning web application using Cloud technologies. This is the main challenge of the fast track.

Fast Track #8

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