Do you already have skills to become an IT professional?

If you already have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Cloud and Git you can take this fast track challenges. 

For students following diploma, degree or any other significant IT course may find internship opportunities via BIDGE Fast Track.

You must complete all of the below challenges to be listed under fast track company dashboards.

2 quick challenges to getting to know you (1 hour):


Submit your Email and Blog

Take this challenge to submit your already existing email and blog URL and answer simple set of questions.

Fast Track #1


Submit your LinkedIn profile

You may already have an LinkedIn profile. Take this challenge to let us know the details.

Fast Track #2

4 simple challenges to assess soft skills (4 hours):

Digital Mind

Growth Mindset

Your attitude is important, it makes a difference in the way people see you at work, and your ability to succeed.

Fast Track #3


Growth Mindset 2

Practical Understanding on Growth Mindset and how that will impact your outcomes and performance

Fast Track #4


English - Comprehension

English is the most widely spoken business language in the wold. Learn why it is important to be fluent in English to reach your aspirations. 

Fast Track #5


English -  Grammar & Vocabulary 

Exercises to improve your grammar and vocabulary. This is important for you to effectively communicate with your international business collegues. 

Fast Track #6

Show your Ninja skills now (2-4 weeks):


How good are you with Social Media?

Can you use a social media channel to create an impactful campaign? Do you understand people dynamics and have the ability to get their attention? 

Fast Track #7

Electronic Devices on Table

Show us your programming skills

Show-off your skills by developing a fully functioning web application using Cloud technologies. This is the main challenge of the fast track.

Fast Track #8