Create Your First Game Using Scratch


Learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to think logically to solve problems

  2. Ability to model real world events into a series of programmable events

  3. Understand conditional statements, keywords, loops and commands.

  4. Ability to apply above concepts to achieve a certain outcome

  5. Learn how each coding command converts to a visual output

Challenge Description

Scratch is a platform for anyone to get started with programming. It allows you to create simple graphical programs (such as computer games) by simply drag-drop instructions (called blocks) visually. Create an account on Get started with the Scratch Platform & get yourself acquainted with the Stage, Blocks area, Sprites & Backdrops.


Create a simple game using one or more different sprites. You should first create a concept for the game on a piece of paper.

There should be an objective for the game. You can get the inspiration from some of the links to scratch games shown below. The game should have functionality to get the user to interact with the sprite using keyboard or mouse controls.

The objective of the game (win/lose) can be met when the sprite touches a surface or a certain goal is achieved. The user should be presented with a screen showing that they have won / lost.

You should not copy an existing game. You should have a new game logic. Be creative when you come up with a new game! The game created should be published publicly under your account on the scratch.

Watch this intro video to get a better understanding:

Learning Resources


Scratch is a fun way to create your first game. Learn how from the below links

To Complete, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above

Step 1 :

Submit the below required material

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Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

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Step 3 :