Introduction to Programming


Learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to think logically and understand computational thinking

  2. Ability to model real world events into a series of programmable events

  3. Understand conditional statements, keywords, loops and commands.

  4. Ability to apply above concepts to achieve a certain outcome

Challenge Description

Coding (programming) is not just writing bulky instructions with a complex programming language. It is a task that can be done by any  passionate student. During this challenge we use a web portal called to learn coding. is a non-profit organization with the vision that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science.


Online learning with video is fun and easy. you don’t require to move away from your computer or the mobile phone. Most importantly it is free. Register yourself at and start following the courses you like.

The courses are categorized under different age groups. For this challenge you should complete "Courses C-F" under "Grades K-5" age category. Once you complete a course, you get a certificate which you need to download.

To complete this challenge, you need to upload 3 highest grade certificates you have obtained by completing courses. You need to make a Zip file by compressing the 3 downloaded certificates in order to submit. If you do not know how to do Zip compression of files, search on Google to learn about it.

Watch the following intro video to get a better understanding:

Learning Resources

To Complete, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above

Step 1 :

Submit the certificates

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Step 2 :

Answer the questions listed below 

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Step 3 :