A Web Program with Javascript

Advanced Challenges

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding web programming model

  2. Learning JavaScript language

  3. Experiencing event, functions and DOM manipulation

Challenge Description


A client side scripting language called JavaScript (NOT Java) has to be used. This time we are going to create a basic calculator that works in a web browser. JavaScript is probably the most popular scripting language in the world and widely used in the industry. 

First you should create a simple calculator interface using HTML, providing at least basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Once done, the buttons should be wired to you JavaScript program via web events and do the calculation using JavaScript. You should then display the result to the user on the HTML interface.


We recommend you using plain JavaScript programming here. Once you get the hang of basic javascript, you can opt to use any JS framework (such as jQuery, AngularJS, etc.) that suit your style. 


Watch this intro video to get a better understanding,

Learning Resources


You can do amazing things with JavaScript, Let's get started.

To Complete, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above

Step 1 :

Source code of the working application

Click Here

Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

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Step 3 :