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Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding the importance of LinkedIn

  2. Maintaining a professional profile in LinkedIn

  3. Managing connections and how to get the maximum out of your LinkedIn connection

Challenge Description

In this day and age, almost everyone is familiar with social media and are widely engaged with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. LinkedIn is a different type of social network. LinkedIn focuses on business, networking connections and giving professionals a place to showcase their resumes, skills and self on the Internet.

This site has quickly become one of the quickest ways for a person to show who they are why they are worthy to potential employers without even submitting an application or asking for an interview. LinkedIn currently boasts over 135 million users in over 200 countries. If you are looking for a way to network and connect professionally, our challenge to getting started with LinkedIn will get you on your way.


Watch this intro video to get a better understanding,

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You can do amazing things with LinkedIn, Let's get started.

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