How to Become a Mentor Online

Bridge is an initiative to help the country's passionate youth to enter the IT industry. By becoming a mentor, you will voluntarily mentor one or more students who are taking the bridge challenges. We believe guidance and mentoring is more helpful than providing just mere knowledge. Through this mentor, you will change the life of a random student somewhere in Sri Lanka and become a pillar of his/her life success.

What are the qualifications required?


Mentors are expected to have a minimum 1 year working experience in the IT/BPM industry.

How can I become a mentor?

First you should register as a mentor below. Once registered we will send you a mail to your 'company' email address to confirm your work place. There will be a manual verification and this step can take a day or 2. Once verified we will send you a mail containing your password.


Once you get your password,  you can request a mentee to be assigned. System will automatically assign one of the top 10 ranked students to you and inform you via email. 

STEP 1: Get your self registered as a Bridge mentor

STEP 2: Request for a mentee to be assigned

What's expected from me?​


There is no specific set time commitment recommended. But you are expected to spend some time analyzing the deliverables submitted by the mentee (student) and advice for possible improvements. Communicate regularly with the mentee and encourage him/her to continuously learn and solve challenges. Continuously guide him/her to enter the IT/BPM industry. The best means of communication is by calling your mentee.

What type of activities I may engage with my mentee?

  • Immediately upon the assignment, call and have a discussion with your mentee to introduce yourself

  • You should go through the deliverables submitted by your mentee to check for accuracy/improvements

  • Communicate and guide the mentee to improve the deliverables and resubmit as required

  • Teach him/her about the industry and type of jobs and workplaces to apply for

  • Become a good friend, a brother/sister to your mentee :)