Take a Personality Test


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding what career that best fit you

  2. Know your personality type

Challenge Description

Career Me is an online platform designed to give students a meaningful assessment of their potential future career, considering many factors that defines their personality. SLASSCOM partner up with Career Me to bring you this excellent opportunity to figure out what is the best career that suits you within the IT industry. 

Under this challenge you will register yourself at careerme.lk website to take their career test. Once completed, please download your personality report and submit it under the deliverables. 

Watch this intro video to get a better understanding,

Why Take a Career Test?

Making a career choice is a very important decision that will impact your life. You will spend majority of your lifetime working – so it’s crucial that you find the most suitable job for you. An accurate career test can help you discover who you really are, what you value, and what your interests are so that you can make well-informed decisions about your future. This can lead to greater job satisfaction and emotional fulfillment.

  • Discover who you are and what you are passionate about

  • Learn more about your skills and talents

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Gain confidence about your goals and aspirations

The career test consists of six vocational personality types developed by Psychologist, John Holland.

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Further Learning Resources

To Complete, follow these steps :

Step 1

Follow the instructions and take the career test 

Step 2
Step 2

Download the career

test report and

submit here