Creating a Presentation


Learning Outcomes
1.  How to organize information

2.  Learn visual storytelling 

3.  Present in a visually appealing way 

4.  Techniques of an effective presentation

5. Online Content Research Skills

Challenge Description

You might have seen a lot of people doing various type of presentations to different audiences. When you become a IT professional, you will also have to do presentations to communicate different aspects of your work to customers, users and even your own teammates. Very often such presentations require visual aids rather than just presenting with voice.


To create these visual aids, we use presentation creation software such as 'Microsoft PowerPoint' and 'Google Slides'. The purpose of this activity is for you to learn one such software (Google Slides) to create your own presentations.


You can use your google account to log in to 'Google Drive' ( where you can create and store the presentation file. Google Drive is an internet server where you can store your computer files such as letters and presentations. 


Under this challenge, you are expected to create a presentation on the topic - 'Importance of Technology'. Read online about modern day technology and why it's important to the world. Use that learning to create a Google Slides presentation on the subject "Importance of Technology".


The presentation should have less than 15 slides. This presentation you created is only be accessed by you by default. You need to share it with anyone who knows the link to the presentation. Once link sharing is enabled, you can submit the link of the presentation with us as mentioned at the bottom of this page.

Watch this intro video to get a better understanding:

Learning Resources


If you wanna jump the curve, here are some awesome templates you can upload to Google Slides to start off


Below video also shows a good starting point to create a Google slides presentation

To Complete, follow these steps :

Go through the learning resources given above

Step 1 :

Submit the link to your presentation

Click Here

Step 2 :

Answer the questions 

Click Here

Step 3 :