Having trouble
finding tech talent?
BRIDGE connects the most passionate youth with your company,
so that you can enrol them into a 'work while study' program...

Why hire from BRIDGE?

Less than 50% of fresh graduate cost over 5 year period

Get a 5 year guaranteed employee retention

You are able to access the most passionate talent in the country

An opportunity to support the youth of Sri Lanka

What's the commitment?


  • Promotions to onboard students

  • Keeping the curriculum up to date

  • Grooming the students and giving them basic skills

  • Maintaining the portal and leaderboard

  • Paying for the 6 months bootcamp cost (60K)

  • Conducting HR team awareness sessions

Hiring Company

  • Minimum 1-year internship period commitment

  • Support the higher education of the student 

  • Pay an internship allowance (12K)

  • LKR 25K annual subscription to stay as a BRIDGE partner


  • Work minimum 4  to 5 days a week while studying

  • Complete the degree while working

  • Meet the expectations of the organisation year-on-year

What do students learn?

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 13.29.14.png

27 Tech Challenges

Students go through 27 tech, soft skill, attitude, English challenges online to gain basic skills required by the industry. Students are continuously evaluated as they solve these challenges.


6 months Bootcamp

SLASSCOM in partnership with OUSL conducts an intensive program to equip the students with required skills to reduce the training overhead of the hiring companies.