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Quality Assurance Challenges

These Quality Assurance advanced challenges will provide you an overview of the QA Tech industry, the different roles in QA as well as provide you with basic skills of Quality Assurance while giving you some practical application of these skills. Please complete the challenges in the sequence provided. 

Role of a Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance

Here you will get an understanding of the available career paths within the QA field and the necessary skills required. 

Advanced #1

Touchscreen Computer

Performance Testing Basics

Quality Assurance

What is Performance Testing and why is it so important?

Advanced #4

Building Robot

Introduction to Automation Software Testing 

Quality Assurance

Learn the basics of automated software testing, why it is necessary and what are the benefits of automated testing

Advanced #7


Essential Skills for a Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance

What are the characteristics of a Good Quality Assurance Engineer? 

Advanced #2

Security Guard

Introduction into Security Testing

Quality Assurance

Here is an introduction to security testing, why it is important, and learn about a few popular security testing tools

Advanced #5

Robotic Lab Assistant

Automation Testing Process

Quality Assurance

Learn how to plan your automation testing process 

Advanced #8


Quality Assurance Mindset

Quality Assurance

QA as a mindset is a way of thinking and a good QA takes a big-picture view of the project and should think outside the box.

Advanced #3

Designing an Application

Web Application Security Risks

Quality Assurance

Learn about OWASP Top 10 classification of the most critical security threats to web applications

Advanced #6

Computer Robot

Automation Testing Tools

Quality Assurance

Review test automation tools available and how to choose the right tool for your test automation need

Advanced #9