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Software Development Challenges

These advanced challenges will provide you with the opportunity to learn technical software development skills and practise what you learnt. Please complete the challenges in the sequence provided.

Overview to the IT Industry 

Software Development

Now you are ready for the industry with knowledge and skills, here we will tell you more about Sri Lankan IT Industry.

Advanced #1

Learn JavaScript

Learn more about JavaScript (JS)

Software Development

KHAN Academy is a tool we may use to learn programming. This is the first session to learn to draw using JS.

Advanced #4


User Interface Prototyping

Software Development

Your programs should have an user interface for the users to interact with. We learn about prototyping here.

Advanced #7

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Getting started with Arduino 

Software Development

Your programs can run not only in laptops and computers, but also in small devices such as Arduino.

Advanced #10


Your HackerRank Profile

Software Development

Hacker rank contain great resources for you to practice coding and algorithmic challenges.

Advanced #13

Making Web Pages with HTML

Making Web Pages with HTML/CSS

Software Development

Here you will learn the main visual programming elements (HTML/CSS) of web sites and applications.

Advanced #2


Interative Web Pages with JS

Software Development

Websites allow us to interact with them. Here we learn how to make our web pages interactive.

Advanced #5


Version Control Your Program

Software Development

This challenge teaches how to use 'Git' to version control and share your code with other programmers like you.

Advanced #8


Shell Scripts to Control Your OS

Software Development

Operating Systems (OS) such as Windoes, Linux, OS X has a special scripting landuage to control them. 

Advanced #11


StackOverflow Champion

Software Development

StackOverflow is a global community of Software Developers. Your challenge is to earn a good reputation here.

Advanced #14


Simple Javascript Program 

Software Development

This time we are going to create a basic calculator that works in a web browser using JavaScript language.

Advanced #3

Databses & SQL Language

Databases and SQL Language

Software Development

Data is everywhere and your programs should store, display, process data. Databases allow you to handle data.

Advanced #6


Program with Python

Software Development

We expect you to use Python as the programming language for this assignment. 

Advanced #9


Smart Devices using Arduino 

Software Development

How does the Arduino board get INPUT from the real world? The answer is simple: USING SENSORS. 

Advanced #12

Computer Programming

C++ Programming Basics

Software Development

C++ is a powerful programming language. It can be used to develop operating systems, browsers, games, etc. 

Advanced #15

English Language

English Language