It's time for some ACTION!!!


These challenges are there for you to learn the basic skills required by any IT related profession. You should be able to lean and complete a single challenge within 1 or 2 days. Please solve the challenges in sequence. Once you solve a particular challenge you will have to submit the results and take a small assessment to demonstrate your understanding. 
How To Create a Blog

Use email and create a Blog

This challenge requires you to create an email account and your own personal blog to speak to the world.

Basic #1

soft skill development training

Growth Mindset

Your attitude is important, it makes a difference in the way people see you at work, and your ability to succeed.

Basic #4

How to Create a Scratch Game

Create Your First Scratch Game 

Create a simple game using your imaginations. You will use Scratch as the programming platform here.

Basic #7

Simple Javasript Program

Simple Javascript Program 

This time we are going to create a basic calculator that works in a web browser using JavaScript language.

Basic #10

Learn English Online

English - Comprehension

English is the most widely spoken business language in the wold. Learn why it is important to be fluent in English to reach your aspirations. 

Basic #13

How to Create a Presentation

Creating a Presentation

The purpose of this activity is for you to learn to create your own visual aids for doing a presentation. 

Basic #2

Create a Youtube Video

Create a Video and Post it on Youtube

Learn how to present your ideas, thoughts, findings, and knowledge to a wide audience by using videos.

Basic #5

convert CV to web page

Create Your CV as a Webpage

This is a stepping stone for the world of HTML with a very familiar activity of creating your own CV.

Basic #8

Personality Test Online

Take a Personality Test

Know your personality type by taking this personality test offered by team.

Basic #11

Learn English Grammar Online

English -  Grammar & Vocabulary 

Exercises to improve your grammar and vocabulary. This is important for you to effectively communicate with your international business collegues. 

Basic #14

Spreadsheet for Personal Finances

Spreadsheet for Personal Finances

We are going to create a personal finance management spreadsheet to track your financial activity. 

Basic #3

What is Programming

Introduction to Programming

Programming is easy to learn. You don't need years of learning to know the basics to create your own game.

Basic #6

python basic tutorial

Program with Python

We expect you to use Python as the programming language for this assignment. 

Basic #9

How to Create a Linkedin Profile

Create Your LinkedIn Profile

Now you have learn't few technlogies, you can create  your profile (CV) on LinkedIn for the industry to see.

Basic #12

English Language

English Language

English Language

IT Skills

IT Skills

IT Skills

Life Skills

IT Skills

IT Skills

IT Skills

IT Skills

IT Skills

Life Skills

IT Skills

English Language

Life Skills

Advanced Challenges

Once you are done with the basic challenges, you can proceed to these advanced challenges. Please solve the challenges in sequence. These advanced challenges will require more learning and development effort but will provide you the necessary skills to get a career opportunity in the tech industry.
Learn JavaScript

Learn more about JavaScript (JS)

KHAN Academy is a tool we may use to learn programming. This is the first session to learn to draw using JS.

Advanced #1


User Interface Prototyping

Your programs should have an user interface for the users to interact with. We learn about prototyping here.

Advanced #4


Social Flyer with Graphic Design

To master design is to be able to shape the world in your image; it gives you the power to influence thought & inspire ideas.

Advanced #7


Shell Scripts to Control Your OS

Operating Systems (OS) such as Windoes, Linux, OS X has a special scripting landuage to control them. 

Advanced #10


Your HackerRank Profile

Hacker rank contain great resources for you to practice coding and algorithmic challenges.

Advanced #13

Making Web Pages with HTML

Making Web Pages with HTML/CSS

Here you will learn the main visual programming elements (HTML/CSS) of web sites and applications.

Advanced #2


Version Control Your Program

This challenge teaches how to use 'Git' to version control and share your code with other programmers like you.

Advanced #5

Image by Michał Parzuchowski

Growth Mindset 2 

Practical Understanding on Growth Mindset and how that will impact your outcomes and performance

Advanced #8


Social Media Video Marketing

Digital Marketing is a big part of the IT industry. You will create a marketing video to promote Bridge here.

Advanced #11


StackOverflow Champion

StackOverflow is a global community of Software Developers. Your challenge is to earn a good reputation here.

Advanced #14

Databses & SQL Language

Databases and SQL Language

Data is everywhere and your programs should store, display, process data. Databases allow you to handle data.

Advanced #3


Interative Web Pages with JS

Websites allow us to interact with them. Here we learn how to make our web pages interactive.

Advanced #6

images (5).jpeg

Getting started with Arduino 

Your programs can run not only in laptops and computers, but also in small devices such as Arduino.

Advanced #9


Smart Devices using Arduino 

How does the Arduino board get INPUT from the real world? The answer is simple: USING SENSORS. 

Advanced #12


Overview to the IT Industry 

Now you are ready for the industry with knowledge and skills, here we will tell you more about Sri Lankan IT Industry.

Advanced #15

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

English Language

Life Skills

Life Skills

English Language

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Software Development