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Fundamental Challenges

These fundamental challenges are for you to learn the basic skills required by any IT related profession.
You should be able to learn and complete a single challenge within 1 or 2 days. Please complete these challenges in sequence. To complete a particular challenge, you would have submitted the required answers and taken an assessment to demonstrate your understanding. 

English Language

English Language

How To Create a Blog

Use email and create a Blog


This challenge requires you to create an email account and your own personal blog to speak to the world.

Basics #1
New Growth

Growth Mindset


Your attitude is important, it makes a difference in the way people see you at work, and your ability to succeed.

Basics #4
How to Create a Scratch Game

Create Your First Scratch Game 


Create a simple game using your imaginations. You will use Scratch as the programming platform here.

Basics #7

Social Media Video Marketing


Digital Marketing is a big part of the IT industry. You will create a marketing video to promote Bridge here.

Basics #10
How to Create a Linkedin Profile

Create Your LinkedIn Profile


Now let's create your profile (CV) on LinkedIn for the industry to see.

Basics #13
How to Create a Presentation

Creating a Presentation


The purpose of this activity is for you to learn to create your own visual aids for doing a presentation. 

Basics #2
Create a Youtube Video

Create a Video and Post it on Youtube


Learn how to present your ideas, thoughts, findings, and knowledge to a wide audience by using videos.

Basics #5
convert CV to web page

Create Your CV as a Webpage


This is a stepping stone for the world of HTML with a very familiar activity of creating your own CV.

Basics #8

Growth Mindset 2 


Practical Understanding on Growth Mindset and how that will impact your outcomes and performance

Basics #11
Learn English Online

English - Comprehension


English is the most widely spoken business language in the world. Learn to be fluent in English to reach your goals. 

Basics #14
Spreadsheet for Personal Finances

Spreadsheet for Personal Finances


We are going to create a personal finance management spreadsheet to track your financial activity. 

Basics #3
What is Programming

Introduction to Programming


Programming is easy to learn. You don't need years of learning to know the basics to create your own game.

Basics #6

Social Flyer with Graphic Design


To master design is to be able to shape the world in your image; it gives you the power to influence thought & inspire.

Basics #9
Personality Test Online

Take a Personality Test


Know your personality type by taking this personality test offered by team.

Basics #12
Learn to Read

English -  Grammar & Vocabulary 


Improve your grammar and vocabulary. to effectively communicate with your international business colleagues. 

Basics #15

Next Steps

Now its time to select a career track with advanced challenges