Welcome to the Future Careers Bridge Program

Let's start by building your tech literacy

We have prepared a set of fundamental challenges for you to learn the basic skills to help you with learning technology that will support any profession.
This is the first step to becoming tech-literate unless you are very comfortable with the general use of computers such as creating digital documents, presentations, spreadsheets, graphic design, and the basics of programming, etc.
Please click on " Fundamental Challenges " below to start learning.......

Now lets work on building your career competencies

The Technology Industry offers a wide variety of career options. You may select a track highlighted below to complete challenges specialised for a career. Companies in the industry usually select potential candidates from the top students in these career paths. You should ideally complete ALL challenges in your chosen career path, so you will be recognised on the leaderboard, so strive for the top positions in order to be selected for internship interviews by companies. You can complete any number of career paths that interest you.
The Tech industry has 2 main types of companies in Sri Lanka, the Information Technology(IT) area and IT- Enabled Services area (also known as BPM).
You can find different career paths related to job roles in both areas below.
IT Career Paths

Sri Lanka’s information technology has doubled the workforce over the period of 2015 to 2020 and the sector grew by 120% over the same period. There is a growing need each year for more and more IT skilled workforce to meet the demand. There are a number of different roles in the IT industry and we will explore some of them below: 

Network Development - Coming soon
IT Enabled Service Career Paths
Call Center Headset

The availability of highly skilled talent in Sri Lanka makes us one of the best choices for the Business Process Management industry, complemented with automation and transformation strength. Join this industry for a global career with many opportunities at global companies off-shoring their services from across many domains.

Analytics - Coming Soon